Material Stores

 The materials or components which we utilize for our apparels is sourced from the best Original Manufactures around the globe, we do not totally rely on the local source, the passion and resolve to provide our customer the best of the product is the reason that we reach the original manufacture for the component which is to be utilized in the final product development.


Same is with our Leather as we prepare the leather skin in our own tanning facilities so that we are able to deliver the customer the best of the quality and with consistency in quality.



Cutting Department

Cutting Department is supervised by experienced cutting professionals who are highly experienced and trained in the skills of cutting as customer expectations. Fully equipped and supervised by competent staff our leather cutting section is capable of feeding hundreds of garments per day with strict quality control measures in place to monitor and manage the quality.



Stitching Department

 Our stitching department is supervised by a well experienced Production Manager with qualified Line-men who strive to fulfill top class stitching parameters.

Equipped with hundreds of latest sewing machines our sewing department is capable of producing hundreds of Racing, Cruising and Fashion garments per day. Through strong coordination among Production manager and his team, Inline Quality inspectors, planning and control department we have been able to ship out high quality garments to our clients on time.



Inspection Department

During apparel inspections, we conduct various checks depending upon the garments, such as

  • Workmanship Assessment – evaluates stitching, construction, attachments and fasteners, embellishments, shading within a garment, pattern continuity/matching, tapes and linings
  • Fabric Check – shell quality , hand feel to standards
  • Garment Labeling – to ensure label contains all required information, including registered identification number (RN), country of origin, fabric content/care and attachment of label in the proper location

The apparel inspection procedure also ensures that appearance and quality comply with the relevant standards and regulations during the production process.



Packing Department

Our competent staff to the best of their abilities deliver clean and error free garments to our clients. Depending on the nature garments are pressed, folded, tagged and packed.

We follow garment specific finishing procedures to ensure the accuracy and cleanliness of the garments dispatched.

Following highest safety standards we ensure our garments are packed clean, free of contaminations and protected from moisture or any damage on the go. After garments are packed, cartons are placed in a pre-defined area by sorting according to size, colors and models ensuring error free shipment to our clients.

Prior to shipping, inspectors review the packaging list to ensure it includes overall carton count and carton numbers, carton dimension and weight, shipping label, style or shade identification and corresponding counts in the carton and packing slip.