Fire Safety

To ensure the safety of our workers we comply with safety laws and responsibilities. We have a complete Fire Safety system installed in our premises including Emergency Evacuation Plan, Highlighted Emergency Routes and Exits, Fire Detection and Warning System, Fire Fighting Equipment. Periodic Drills are carried out to maintain the evacuation and safety standards.


We have ensured all of our workplace and administration area is provided with controlled and natural ventilation. Local exhaust ventilation system is installed throughout our factory to control humidity and temperature and to keep the environment pleasant for work.

Fair Pay

Adhering to fair pay policy and law we ensure none of our employees is underpaid. Our wages are in accordance with Minimum Wages Ordinance of Pakistan. We pay our labor double wages for each hour acceding 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week. Our employees are entitled for 14 paid leaves after consecutive 12 months of employment. Paid emergency leaves and sick leaves are also granted to our employees.

Health and Safety

We try our best to leave no stone unturned regarding health, safety and welfare of our workers and to make the workplace safe. Employees have been provided PPE’s for their area of operation to safeguard them. Risk assessment are carried out regularly to address risk that might cause harm at workplace.

We train our workers how to deal with risks involved in different jobs. We provide adequate first aid facilities in-house. A fully equipped medical officer is on duty in work hours. We have our qualified employees registered with Employees Social Security Institution where they are entitled for medical treatment for them and their families free of cost